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Slow Food Garden Tour - St. Petersburg

Slow Food Garden Tour - St. Petersburg
Gail Eggeman - Thu Oct 24, 2013 @ 02:39PM
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Slow Food Garden Tour November 16, 2013

See below for a list of participating gardens in St. Petersburg...


Slow Food Tampa Bay Farm to Fork November 23, 2013

Slow Food is partnering with the student's Cook Club at the Art Institute in Tampa on November 23, 2013. Menu and more information coming soon.



Slow Food Garden Tour – St. Petersburg, FL

We hope to inspire and motivate home gardeners or help new gardeners find a garden home. The Community Gardens are accepting volunteers and share their knowledge. If you are thinking about gardening you might want to choose a garden to volunteer.


FCC Community Garden

Open 9am-11am

116 Hampton Avenue N, off of First Street


This garden has 38 4’X10’ plots with produce from 9 of those plots going to Benevolent Giving. This year they added a Hydroponic Table with produce going to the Senior Sharing Program.


From their 9 plots they deliver produce to the Sunshine Center on the 2nd Friday and Enoch Davis on the 4th Friday of each month.  They are looking for other community gardens to share produce with them.  Last year they harvested and delivered 650 lbs of produce.


If you are interested in sharing fruits and vegetables with the FCC Garden program contact Annette @ 1stgrowwithus@gmail.com


A beautiful and inspiring garden they have a waiting list for the other plots and they would love to add you to that list.



Baron Home

Open 9am-11am

Back/front yard garden

2401 Covina Way South

Open 9am-12pm


Carol graduated with a zoology degree and must have a Phd in gardening by now. She has been gardening for 35 years using biodynamic  gardening techniques.  Her permaculture garden was installed almost three years ago and looks like it has been there for quite some time. Fruit trees and vegetables.

Her front yard is a Permaculture Permablitz garden completed in 1 day by 40 people.  Gaia’s Guardians, the local permaculture guild gardeners gather and bring it altogether in one day.

Come be amazed at what grows in Florida.


EXTRA DIRECTIONS to 2401 Covina Way – from 54th Av S go to 22nd Street S, go North -22nd Street becomes Columbus Way S. Continue forward on Columbus through 2 four way stop signs. At the second stop sign (Caesar Way) count four streets on the right ( Desoto, Calexico, Coronado, then Covina) Turn right on Covina. The house is 2/3s of the way up the block on the left.   Or put the address in a GPS or smart phone – my recommendation.






Jebens and Brown Home

Back/front yard garden

735 38th Avenue NE

Open 9am-1pm


Sharon and Neil are long time gardeners and part of their garden was generated through a Permablitz through the local Permaculture group. The front yard is a permaculture food forest with native plants interspersed. The back yard is a miture of natives along with perennial and annual food plants. The garden is only 3 years old – go and be surprised by the lushness. This could be your backyard!




Lakewood Elementary Garden

School Yard Garden

4151 6th Street South

Open 9am-1:00pm



Sanderlin IB World School Garden

School Yard Garden

2350 22nd Avenue South

Open 9am-1:00pm

These two gardens are two of four school gardens started by the Edible Peace Patch.  The Edible Peach Patch has been offering academic support in schoolyard edible gardens since 2009, beginning at Lakewood Elementary. The second garden was installed in 2012 at Sanderlin IB World School. Two more gardens went in at Maximo Elementary and Campbell Park Elementary.  The gardens ulilize a modified hugelkulture design. This is a water cachement system created by digging ¾ foot deep beds lined at the bottom and filled with organic materials to hold moisture.


Each year the Edible Peace Patch places 30-50 college aged volunteers in the gardens working with the elementary students. Every year the students and families celebrate a harvest festival.  They have found young students eat what they have grown a novel way to introduce vegetables into a family diet.



Lakewood Elementary – Park on 7th Street South along the fence line by the garden. The back gate will be open.


Sanderlin Elementary – Enter the side lot (23rd Street South), next to the garden. Gate near the school will be open.


Look at www.peacepatch.org for more information.






Faith House Garden

Permaculture Garden operated on behalf of the Faith House Residential Facility

310 15th Street North

Open 12pm-2pm

The Faith House Garden has been maturing for five years. It has been a labor of love for the Gaia’s Guardians and has hosted gardening classes and events on the property.  The produce grown on the property is used in the kitchen of the Faith House  -  transitional housing for recovering addicts. The garden is on two lots and also has a large chicken coop and a rabbit hutch.

They would appreciate volunteers in exchange for hands on learning – contact bbilodeau40@gmail.com Learning from these gardeners would be valuable.



Herbs and Spices Community Garden

First Avenue N between 4th and 5th Streets

Adjacent to the Open Air Post Office

Drive by


Currently this garden is under development by  Assisted Living Community Gardens, Inc. In addition to the raised bed gardens they are hoping to install a hydrotable garden and a photovoltaic growing system to accommodate a greater variety of herbs, spices, and edible plants per square foot of the garden.  This would be a quick drive by. Contact lasoeur55@hotmail.com for more information.

Comments: 19


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It is an awesome blog and helpful articles. This is a best read for me. From their 9 plots they deliver produce to the Sunshine Center on the 2nd Friday and Enoch Davis on the 4th Friday of each month. They are looking for other community gardens to share produce with them. Last year they harvested and delivered 650 lbs of produce.

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